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SML Healthcare is a prestigious branch of the esteemed SML Business Group. At SML we provide healthcare by focusing on the care cycle of patients and healthcare professionals.

SML Medical
SML Medical

Who We Are

We ensure that every person and organization we serve would receive the greatest possible value for their healthcare investment. By bringing together members, employers, and health providers, the best information will be made available to solve health problems and improve people’s health.

What We Do

Through the combining of human insights and clinical expertise, we at SML Business Group (SML BG) aim to improve patient outcomes while lowering the burden on the healthcare system.

Our History

SML Healthcare and Diagnostic Centre is one of the branches of SML Business Group. It has been established in August, 2008 at the ground floor of Dagon Tower in Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. It is one of the leading and well known private Medical Centre in Myanmar that provides healthcare as well as diagnostic services.

The resulting changes globally has prompted us to see the need for opening more Medical, Diagnostic and Distribution Centres including temperature-controlled warehousing for dealing with new sophisticated technological products for the treatment and after care of the ailing. By 2011, SML BG has diversified to many other business areas to cope with all these challenges.

After some years of planning and restructuring, the Head Office of SML Business Group, SML Advanced Medical Laboratory and SML Haemodialysis Centre (Yangon) have been upgraded and established at No. 664/ 665 Pyi Thar Yar Road, 16/4 Ward, Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

With the innovative idea, SML BG created SML International Education Services Co. Ltd. in December 2018 followed by an establishment of Manipal-SML Institute of Health Sciences, Management and Technology in collaboration with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, which is the world ranking, well known university of India. The aim of the company is to produce health science technologists, business administrators related with healthcare and other health professionals who will provide service for the country’s healthcare system.

Then, SML Medical and Diagnostic Centre, Advanced Medical Laboratory and Haemodialysis Centre become the venues for skill training in the educational programs.

The Company enjoys a loyal customer base, reflecting its strength as a brand offering superior diagnostic services and healthcare services.

With its widespread operational network, SML offers a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests and profiles. These tests and profiles are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of diseases and clinical conditions.

Supported by well experienced and competent healthcare professionals and health science technologists with adequate facilities, SML Healthcare is proud to serve clinicians, hospitals, medical centres and their patients through the deployment of advanced diagnostic testing methods and technology.

As the Company has a broad spectrum of services, the extensive network of SML laboratories offers a wide range of over 400 in-vitro diagnostic (“IVD”) tests to detect diseases or clinical conditions.

In response to the urgent need to boost our Nation’s Covid-19 testing capacity for timely detection, SML Healthcare is working collaboratively with the Ministry of Health (MOH). SML- Covid-19 laboratory at No (003/004), Dagon Tower, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Shwe Gon Daing Junction, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar, overseen by SML Advanced Medical Laboratory, has been established in June 2021.


Endeavour to be the healthcare provider of choice in the community we serve


To offer quality services through innovation with touch of excellence

Our Values

Clinical Excellence

We provide comprehensive and high-quality laboratory testing with focus on accuracy with high standard service.

Expert Diagnosis

Laboratory and diagnostic results are interpreted by experienced medical specialists to achieve the most possible or accurate diagnoses. We are dedicated in working closely with clinicians who consider the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis for effective patient care.

Quality Improvement

We implement Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) which is evaluated continuously. With the innovative strategy, we introduce newer and advanced technology and provide trainings to our staff to be familiar with the updated technology to achieve accurate results.

Dedication to Our Staff

The staff of the company are the most valuable resources and are recognized for their accomplishments. The staff are trained at appropriate times for personal, interprofessional and professional skill development.

SML Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd.

Global advancement of Science and Technology in healthcare sector has prompted us to look for the need of distribution centres dealing with new sophisticated technological products, medicines and vaccines for prevention treatment and aftercare of diseases/ ailments.

Soe Min Latt & Alliance Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The company was restructured as Soe Min Latt Pharmaceuticals Trading Co., Ltd. (Registered No. 112241906) in 2007 and the company has emerged to become the premier pharmaceutical group in Myanmar by virtue of its excellence distribution and network in the country.

Since 2009, Soe Min Latt Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. has distributed analysers and reagents from Roche Pharma and Roche Diagnostics.

Within a period of few years, this team has established a reputation of offering quality products of multinational companies to the healthcare fraternity, which has been it’s backbone till today.

Education and Research

SML Medical
SML Medical

As there is collaboration with Manipal-SML Institute of Health Sciences, Management and Technology, Radio-imaging Simulated Laboratory, Radio-imaging machines and PCR Laboratory for Covid 19 in SML Diagnostic and Medical Centre, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostic, Haematology and Pathology Laboratories of Advanced Medical Laboratory and SML Haemodialysis Centre, Yangon become the venues for skill training and research for Health Science Technology students and other students related with health profession.

These places are also the training and research project areas which are crucial for graduate students attending Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management course.

As SML BG branches are all related with banking and financial service and medical check up is related with health insurance, SML Medical and Diagnostic Centre is also a suitable training and research area for graduate students attending MBA (Banking, Financial Service and Insurance) Programmes.

As there has been a great demand of nurses and certified nursing assistants (nurse aids/patient care assistants) especially during Covid 19 crisis, SML International Education Services Co ..,Ltd has urged for the establishment of SML Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Center in April 2022.

The CNA courses comprise of 80 hours of face to face theory classes as well as Nursing Skill Lab training and one month hospital training SML CNA Training courses also provide free classes of English Communication and Basic Computer Skills

Laboratory Services

We provide confirmatory diagnosis & improved management of disease, essential public health information & disease surveillance through our specialized laboratories which include the following   




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“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”

- Hippocrates -

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Driven to ensure every person & organization we serve receives the greatest possible value for their health care investment.